ActsAsFerret - what's the class of the results?


I’m trying to write a test for a method that uses a ferret search, but
can’t validate that the results are a_a_f results because my class test
doesn’t work. Can anyone set me straight? Here’s some console
experimentation that shows the root of the problem.

users = User.find_with_ferret(“max”, :per_page => 2)
=> [#<User …


=> 2

users.next_page #call a ferret-results-specific method
=> 2

=> false

What class should i be testing against, if it’s not
ActsAsFerret::SearchResults? If i do type on the results i just get



SearchResults is a really thin wrapper around a standard Ruby Array
instance. If you really want to check it’s a SearchResults instance
and not something else, check for Array and whether it behaves like it
should by looking at the ‘special’ methods the SearchResults class
adds, maybe like this:

assert_equal Array, results.class
%w(total_hits current_page per_page total_pages).each {|m| assert
results.respond_to?(m.to_sym) }


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ah ok. i should have thought to just put that same method that i
referred to into a ‘responds_to’ call in my test, like you suggest :slight_smile:

Thanks Jens