Acts as tree and belongs to

Hello all,
is that possible to define an association between Section and Category
just for the root of a category?

Here is my Category model:

class Category < ActiveRecord::Base
acts_as_tree :order => “name”
belongs_to :sections # just for the root of Category

Thank you.

I think you’ better write a method rather than using belongs_to.
In my opnion, if you use belongs_to :xxx, than you get xxx for all the
object of Category class, not just the root category.
If you write a seperate method, you can write your own logic in it,
for example, for every category, you first find its root category, and
then return the section object of that root category.
And I think you can just use that as the same as by using belongs_to

On Oct 29, 7:19 am, Panda B. [email protected]

Understood, that’s a little bit tricky but I believe I could do it.
Thanks for your help!