Acts_as_taggable : plugin vs gem

Googling for acts_as_taggable is a little confusing: gem, plugin?!

What are the differences?
Which one to choose?
Where is the best doc?


plugin requires Rails 1.1, so unless you’re running Edge it won’t
work. Also, there is no documentation as yet.

Gem works on 1.0. It has some documentation, but as far as I can tell
the real meat of the docs was
which unfortunately doesn’t seem to exist anymore. I’d love to be
shown otherwise, I only started checking out acts_as_taggable a few
days ago.

They work pretty much the same, but are implemented differently.
plugin is eaiser to configure since it’s one line to make it works,
and seems simpler to use in general.

Bottom line, if you’re not using Edge you can’t even use the plugin
now anyway…when Rails 1.1 comes out you should be able to convert it
all somewhat easily using migrations.


The current code and documentation for acts_as_taggable gem is here:

It is very confusing that someone came up with a plugin of the same name
instead of taking the existing code and changing the implementation of
pre-existing gem code.

Two completely different instances of acts_as_taggable will only cause
down the road.

My cloud code (the second link of a Google search for acts_as_taggable!)
only been tested with the Gem code.

So, what’s the verdict?
Which one has the best future?
Which one has the best features?

The plugin was written by DHH, so that’s probably the future. There
are basic docs in the new Pragmatic Rails Recipe’s beta book. It is
confusing, agreed.

I would go with the GEM right now because it works with any Rails
is documented, and people have experience with it.

In 3 months time, this may change.

Tom F. wrote:

It is very confusing that

So, what’s the verdict?
Which one has the best future?
Which one has the best features?