Acts_as_taggable plugin: more delimiters?


I’m going through the Recipes book and got to the Tagging chapter,
wanted to give it a shot. According to the text, tag_with takes a
space-delimited list of tags. Is there a way to use different
delimeters, such as commas or single quotes? Some tags can
potentially have more than one word, such as ‘ice cream’. I’d like to
be able to use those without doing something funky like ice_cream or



I think if you save it as array or hash, than it dosen’t matter what
delimiters were used at the form in the view. I took a very quick look
the source, and it is just a couple of line of code (the other act_as
taggable gem is much larger), so it might be easy to adapt it to your
needs, in case it only accepts strings for saving the tags.