Acts_as_taggable_on_steroids NoMethodError

I use acts_as_taggable_on_steroids, for tagging and I get this error:

“NoMethodError (undefined method +' for #<TagList:0x3546e94 @names=["kk"]>): .//app/controllers/user_photos_controller.rb:83:inadd_tag’”

The code in the controller is:

def add_tag
@photo =[:id])
83 @photo.tag_list += ‘,’ + params[:tag][:name]
@new_tag = @photo.reload.tags.last

Please advise on what could the problem be, as until now I tried
everything I knew and search the forum and net for any ideas and found
nothing to help.

Use this to add your tags

p.tag_list.add(“Great”, “Awful”)

Ivor P. wrote:

Use this to add your tags

p.tag_list.add(“Great”, “Awful”)

Hello, Thank you very much, it worked swell. I’m still trying thou to
understand why it didn’t worked the other way.

Anyway thanks again for the help and best regards.

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