Acts_as_taggable in Rails 1.1 question


I’ve been using the acts_as_taggable gem in 1.0 to develop some tagging
functionality. The issue is that I need to specify tags by user (i.e.
update additional attributes in the join table). So, in my join table I
have a “user_id” field. I’ve read about the “push_attribute” method in
the api, but that doesn’t seem to work with the gem (and I’d rather not
tear that apart). I’ve also been reading the tagging recipe (for Edge
Rails) in Rails Recipes, but the samples don’t address how to do this.

I’m having troubles installing Edge Rails on my windows machine, so I
can’t even experiment at this point.

Have any of you implemented such a feature using the acts_as_taggable
plugin (not the gem)? I’m holding off on more development until 1.1.
arrives, but would like to know if this has a simple solution.