Acts_as_solr, table joins and geographic searches

I’m currently evaluating an evolution of our search technology usage,
and am hoping that the community may have some suggestions.

Solr (acts_as_solr) seems to capture most of our search requirements
(query language, scalability, facets).

Unfortunately 2 key elements fall outside the capabilities of solr
and am interested in how others would approach the solution.

  1. geographic queries. Would prefer to have these queries happen in
    the database
  2. relational (think scoped_by) queries ala

…both the above could be done post solr, but I shudder at the
scalability of such solutions.

Perhaps the solution is to add such capabilities to solr itself?

[ I may have talked (typed) myself into the eventual solution. ]

Are there any giants out there who have come before me, with whom I
may stand upon your shoulders?