Acts_as_rateable in Beast

I’m trying to implement acts_as_rateable to my Beast installation to
give users the option to rate posts (like reddit). I chose
acts_as_rateable as it supposedly easily allows reddit-type voting but
I’m having some problems setting it up and the documentation seems
(Acts As Rateable Plugin | Juixe Techknow)

So far, I’ve added acts_as_rateable to my posts model and I’ve added
this method to my controller:

def vote_up
return unless logged_in?
rateable = @rateable_class.find(params[:id])
# Delete the old ratings for current user
Rating.delete_all([“rateable_type = ? AND rateable_id = ? AND
user_id = ?”, @rateable_class.base_class.to_s, params[:id],])
rateable.add_rating => 1, :user_id =>

Is there a way to dynamically update (ajax) the rating in my view
without having to refresh the page? I’ve tried link_to_remote and am
loading javascript files but it does not seem to be working, my partial
looks like this:

<%= number_with_precision(asset.rating, 1) %> (<%= asset.ratings.size %> votes) | <%= link_to_remote("voteup", {:url => { :controller => "posts", :action => "voteup", :id =>, :rating => 1, :rateable_type => asset.class.to_s} } ) %>

Thanks ahead for the help!

I ran into the same problem when i was trying to implement the
acts_as_rateable too. It seemed like my application wasn’t picking up
the .rjs template at all (where it called
page.replace_html “star-ratings-block”, :partial => ‘rating/
rating’, :locals => { :product => @product }

so instead I found that you can put that call in the RatingController:

def rate

( …other code …)

render :update do |page|

    page.replace_html 'star-ratings-block' , :partial => "rating/

rating", :locals => { :product => @prod}



See if that works for you…and I’m curious if anyone has any
suggestions as to why the .rjs template might not be working.

On Jun 4, 2:30 am, Monjurul D. [email protected]