Acts_as_list index has to be :position?

I’m using MessageBoard (child) to acts_as_list for Forum
(parent). The models looks as such:

class Forum < ActiveRecord::Base
#This is a superset of message boards
has_many :message_boards, :order => :order, :dependent => :destroy


class MessageBoard < ActiveRecord::Base
#This is a subset of forums
belongs_to :forum

#This causes MessageBoard to act as a list
#it uses order as its index
acts_as_list :scope => :forum_id


A slight mistake on my part, I wanted the message boards to be ordered
by the MySQL (I use Rails 1.2.5) column :order (as seen in line :order
=> :order). However, this error arises:

Loaded suite message_board_test
Finished in 0.347567 seconds.

  1. Error:
    ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid: Mysql::Error: #42S22Unknown column
    ‘position’ in ‘order clause’: SELECT * FROM message_boards WHERE
    (forum_id = 2) ORDER BY position DESC LIMIT 1

Does the indexed column name HAVE to be “position”?

You can specify a :column attribute. See