Acts_as_ferret - multi_search problems

I am usign the rails plugin acts_as_ferret. All my models have the
following code:

acts_as_ferret :store_class_name => true

I am trying to search across 5 models, but I’m just testing with two for
now. I have read all the other topics as best I can, but have not seen
anyone with the same problem, or a solution that works.

In my search_controller I have the following code:

@results = FilmSchool.multi_search(params[:search_query],

I have been successful in using find_by_contents to return results from
the FilmSchool model, and when I try and use multi_search I get the
following error in the browser:

undefined method `multi_search’ for #Class:0x3708480

The trace looks like this:



app/controllers/site/search_controller.rb:4:in `search’

Am I missing something? Any help is appreciated.


By now I figure you have already found the answer but here it is anyway.

multi_search has been depreciated in favor of the :multi option for

Specifically you would do something like this:
@results = FilmSchool.find_contents_by(params[:search_query],{:multi =>
[Class1, Class2, etc]})

I hope this helps!

Oh and make sure to rebuild your indexes if you added :store_class_name
=> true after they were created.