Acts_as_commentable plugin


I’ve just about finished up work on a plugin similar to
acts_as_taggable, but for comments instead which would allow you to
attach comments (possibly even a threaded discussion if conbined with
acts_as_tree) to any object. Is there anyone that would be interested
in it? I don’t want to go throug the trouble of finding some way to
distribute it unless I know that there is a demand for something along
these lines outside of my project.



I would certainly be interested in it. I have been thinking about
implementing something as well, although tied to my project.

Bring it on!




Yep, me too.

I was about to roll my own.



Me too !!!


Even if no one now needs it, I’m sure it would help someone someday

Charlie B.


and I am also interested in such a plugin …


I’ve decided to distribute through, so I am just waiting
for project approval from them before I release.



Add it to the Wiki plugin page as well!