Acts_as_commentable: find Post by date of comment


I am using acts_as_commentable (related to Post) and I would like to
know how to get the list the posts ordered by date of comment (i.e.
post with recent comment first).

in addition if a post has no comment, i would it to be inserted based
on its creation date.

Thanks for your help


Here’s how I did it last night after about an hour of googling the
shit out of it and coming up empty.

First I load all the messages

@messages = Message.all

Then I loop through them all, and if a message has a comment,

I change the message’s created_at field to the comments created_at

@messages.each do |message|
comment = message.comments.find(:first, :order => ‘created_at
message.created_at = comment.created_at unless comment.blank?

Then I sort the messages by their (new) created_at dates, which


get saved so they don’t overwrite their real created_at fields.

@messages.sort! { |b,a| a.created_at <=> b.created_at }

Then I take the top 5 to use in my dashboard view.

@messages = @messages[0…4]

This works regardless of whether a Message (or Post in your case) has
any comments. This looks a little hackish to me, so please, Rails
gurus, have at it.

Hope this helps!
Morgan Currie

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Message.all.sort_by { |m| m.comments.blank? ? m.created_at :
m.comments.last.created_at }[0…4]

Hi, it works fine witn ruby 2.x?? I’m very interested.

I read the it doesn´t work with this version, see this comments:

and I´m using rails 2.0.2

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