Acts_as_authenticated trouble

First off, I’d like to address that I’m n00bs.
I’ve read the README and blogs associated with this plugin, and there
really isn’t too much documentation. I have the newest version of
rails,ruby, and acts_as_authenticated installed.

#The setup

I set up the acts_as_authenticated in the following manner.
*created a table called “accounts” in the database. (minus the
activation_code and activated_at fields)

*used the generator to “script/generate authenticated account account”

*followed the instructions in the README to include AuthenticatedSystem
in my application files.

#the problem

The controllers, views, and models all work fine. The user is directed
to ‘/signup’ on loading, and upon signing up, everything inserts into
the database correctly, but when I log in, no session is retained.
In my account_controller file, I changed

redirect_to(:action => ‘signup’) unless logged_in? or Account.count > 0
redirect_to(:action => ‘signup’) unless logged_in?

and my application is in limbo.

I haven’t even attempted to get the mailer running yet, and I figure my
problem is absurdly easy. But I’d like to get it out of the way.


Try to follow the authentication step by step and inspect the varaibles.
Have you also read the Wiki somewhere on the technoweenie site and the
at ? There is additionl documentation there for special
cases like two-way encryption and e-mail activation.

Yeah, I’ve read both the stickipad, and the wiki, but they were kind of
I’ve followed all the steps included, but I will try again.
thank you for your reply

Alright, I’ve re-installed a couple of times, and added flash[:notice]
fields for troubleshooting from my views.

everything seems to be working okay.
flash[:notice] is good.

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