Acts_as_authenticated session storage

Ok, I have nothing in my environment.rb regarding sessions, so I
thought it would default to pstore.

I’m using acts_as_authenticated, log in, log out, remember me, etc.
The problem is that I don’t see a tmp/sessions directory. Is the
default somehow memory store? I thought it was supposed to be pstore.

Everything in the app is working, I can see the _session_id in my
browser, just not sure what’s happening on the server side.

Any help appreciated.

I had the same problem, all of a sudden => no bloody sessions. I
commented out:

“before_filter :login_from_cookie”

in account_controller.rb and inserted it in my
application_controller.rb. Hey presto… sessions started to store
themselves in temp/sessions again.

wierd or am I only dumb? (that was a retorical question :wink: )
Yottameter skrev:

I changed to using ActiveRecord sessions, I don’t have any explanation
why we aren’t seeing sessions created. With AR sessions, I do see them
in the db.

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