["acts_as_authenticated"] << "Role-Based Authorization Rails


hi guys,
has anyone here implemented role based authorization from rails recipes
into acts_as_authenticated ? how’s it going?

there is ONE admin. And MANY users. Admin is the only one who can
create, edit, delete user, etc… users also need to login, but go to
different pages. do you guys think it’s good to try rick’s
acts_as_authenticated + chad’s role based authorization ?

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haree genee pake (as|ph)p ?
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Ezra has written role based authorization for acts_as_authenticated

His blog entry about it is here



Yes that is exactly what I did. I like the simplicity of
acts_as_authenticated, and the
simplicity of the recipe rbac.

It was relatively easy, there were a few modifications I needed to make
to the
acts_as_authenticated to make it work cleanly. I’ll see if I can diff
the changes and
post them here later.