Acts_as_authenticated, reset_session, and redirect_back_or_d

Just a question and an FYI
I just installed rails and acts_as_authenticated and was setting up a
site. Everything works fine except that in the AccountController that
I generated the calls to the routine redirect_back_or_default don’t
work because the call just before it to reset_session clears the
session[:return_to] that the method uses to set where it will

I ended up adding a version of redirect_back_or_default to the account
controller that works for me (and as a benefit it keeps me from having
to set session[:return_to] which stunk)

def redirect_back_or_default(default)
if request.env[“HTTP_REFERER”].nil?
redirect_to default
redirect_to(request.env[“HTTP_REFERER”]) # same as
redirect_to :back

My question is, am I just missing something, is there a different
version of code out there, or is this thing really broken.

Anyway, thanks,
Charles C.

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