Hey everyone!

I’m completely, brand spankin’ new to Ruby and Rails, and pretty much to
web app development in general (i.e. searching the web for answers isn’t
working for me because I don’t know the prerequisite stuff that’s
assumed on most pages.)

Does anyone know of, or want to give a shot at, writing a good tutorial,
for acts_as_attachment? The Techno Weenie stuff is nearly
incomprehensible for someone at my level.

I just want to learn how to use it!! (I am so frustrated right now it
hard for me to express!)


How about starting on page 1 of Agile Web D. with Ruby on
I did that a year ago myself.

Don’t think you will learn it in a weekend.
I understand that you are frustated but it takes time
to learn this stuff.

Sometimes I go back to the first chapters.
I see everything I had trouble to understand.
Its amazing what I learned.
But it took time.

So buy the book and start like DHH said,
‘cutting code’

Good luck

just like peter said, buy the agile book. i purchased the book around
august and doing the first exercise on building a rails app is a good
introduction. i am slowly and steadily getting used to the rails
framework and ruby writing. much difficult for me coming from a c++
standpoint, but many similarites with object oriented programming are
there. just keep pluggin away and things eventually make sense.