ActiveWarehouse ETL 0.6.0 Released

ActiveWarehouse ETL 0.6.0 has been released.

A bit of background: ActiveWarehouse ETL is an open source (MIT
licensed) Ruby library which supports the Extract-Transform-Load
process that is typically required by data warehouse developers. It is
part of the ActiveWarehouse project which is a plugin for Ruby on
Rails which makes it easy to develop data warehouses on Rails.

More information on ActiveWarehouse ETL and ActiveWarehouse in general
can be found at

This release is a pretty significant one as the ETL component of
ActiveWarehouse has been put through its paces quite a bit recently.
This release includes a slew of new features and enhancements,
including support for row-level processing/transforming, both after
load and before write, new transforms like the
HierarchyLookupTransform and the DefaultTransform, improved interface
for transformations, an Apache Combined Log parser, improvements to
the SAX parser, timestamped log files, automatic timestamped local
storage of source data if it is extracted from a database for
auditing, a :conditional option in destinations which can be supplied
a proc and which can determine if a row should be written, a simple
control-file dependency declaration and a bunch of other fixes and
minor improvements.

This release should be up on the RubyForge gem mirrors within an hour,
or you can get it from the ActiveWarehouse files section at on RubyForge.

Anthony E.

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