Hi there,

I have just started playing with that awesome ActiveScaffold plugin, but
I´ve notice that the only way it generates scaffolds is dynamicly. Is
there a way of generating the code in advance, like the old

./script/generate scaffold User

way? It would be very useful for adjust some views and maybe the CSS.
Overriding seems dirty and uncomfortable to me (and I don´t knwo how
could I override for example the list.rhtml view).

Thank you!


Hi Alvaro

Igor is right !
You can override almost anything from stylesheets to views via
partials, helpers and the great form__ui stuff.
IF you need any further help, goto the AS forum

On Oct 10, 6:42 pm, Alvaro P. [email protected]

Its also easy to write a “generator” that can automatically
generate your controllers, and models from existing database.
I did it with activescaffod, tabnav, and rolerequirement. And even
check to see if the model/controller exist so its safe to run it.

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