ActiveScaffold behavior modification

I have a small project running using ActiveScaffold sucesfully. As my
next step I would like to modify things such that after a search is
executed if the result is one record skip directly to the show of the
record (show method?) and not the results screen normaly seen. Of
course if the result is more than 1 record after searching (as is
normal) then the default behavior can continue. Has anyone done
this? Is it as simple as an ‘if’ statement and a redirect?

Has anyone tackled this before?

have you tried writing an index method that does the find, checks the

If there is only one result, set this into a singular @object_name and
then render show,
or possibly setup params and then do a redirect

I have done a little with ActiveScaffold and that is how where I would
start, but I may be wide of the mark