ActiveResource testing

Hi, I’m trying to make some good testing on active resources, but I’ve
some trouble with the post method.
Basically this is my mock, where I set the POST verb and the expected

ActiveResource::HttpMock.respond_to do |mock| “/locations/buildings.xml?description=new-
description&name=new-name”, {}, @variable, 201

Now, if I call the post method with the following code (the one I use
into the controller), it says correctly that doesn’t found the correct
matching. This happen because in the mock my params are in the query
string, but if I use the save method, the params will be serialized
into an XML flow.

So this is the code.{“name”=>“new-name”, “description”=>“new-

and this the error I got is this.

ActiveResource::InvalidRequestError: No response recorded for
<POST: /locations/buildings.xml [Content-Typeapplication/xml]
(<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

As I know is not possible to set the body in the mock, so I tried to
use the custom methods, but nothing to do, because as I need to add
the costum method (a mandatory symbol or string that will be added to
the URI) I can’t recreate my URI.

For example., {“name”=>“new-home”, “description”=>“new-

Will give me back this.

name # ladd the name string!

Also if I set nil it change the URI, and so this break my tests.
Thanks a lot for your time.