ActiveResource collections and from_xml


ActiveResource currently uses ActiveSupport’s Hash extension’s
definition of from_xml (which in turn just wraps XmlSimple right now)
to parse up XML returned from a serving application.

In Rails, the “serving application” (the application exporting a
resource) will typically call to_xml on the concerned AR object to
generate a chunk of XML which is then picked up by a client
ActiveResource-using application.

The issue is that to_xml will do something like this when called on an
Array (i.e., when rendering XML for a collection, say):

1 ... 2 ... ...

On the ActiveResource side, Hash’s from_xml will right now, due to
XmlSimple, present this as follows (sorry for the pseudo-codish syntax

‘entities’ => {
‘entity’ => [ #Instances_of_Hash ]

Wht’s wrong with this? According to XmlSimple, nothing. However,
given the implementation of to_xml, which I think makes a lot of
sense, it would arguably make more sense for from_xml to return this:

‘entities’ => [ #Instances_of_Hash ]

Then the collection itself, called ‘entities’, can easily get
logically mapped by ARes to an Array of Entity ARes instances. This
makes more sense for ARes, I think.

Similarly, consider a resource with a nested collection, as follows:

1 ...other attribs... 1 ... 2 ... ...

from_xml will turn this into something like:

‘entity’ => {
‘id’ => 1,

‘some-other-entities’ => {
‘some-other-entity’ => [ #Hash ]

What’s undesirable here, in my opinion, is the unnecessary
“some-other-entities”->“some-other-entity” nesting. Here’s a more
preferable representation:

‘entity’ => {
‘id’ => 1,

‘some-other-entities’ => [ #Instances_of_Hash ]

There are also issues with how XmlSimple in its current use in
from_xml deals with single-element arrays.

I corrected the issues with ARes handling of collections as it stands
and wrote some tests. The ticket in question is: – the latest patch in the
ticket, activeresource_collections_ALTERNATE_with_tests.diff, is what
you should be looking at.

The particularity in my current implementation is that I define a
“fixup” method for ARes, in ARes Connection class, to manipulate the
Hash returned by Hash.from_xml(), into something which I think is much
saner for ARes, given the way to_xml works.

Arguably, and this is where I hope you all chime in, this “fixing up”
actually rightfully belongs in ActiveSupport’s extension of Hash, that
is directly in from_xml. However, there are at least two outstanding
issues in my mind with doing this:

  1. There are other consumers of Hash.from_xml() – both in Rails
    itself, and maybe in outside plugins. I haven’t investigated all of
    them yet, and frankly I’m not sure if they would have to be changed as

  2. Perhaps more concerning, and partly related to (1), is the fact
    that there are some edge cases which I’m not sure how to handle in the
    general Hash.from_xml case, but which make sense in ARes. Namely, how
    to handle:

1 ...

(i.e., the case where we’ve got a collection with a single entity).
XmlSimple’s ‘forcearray’ is currently set to false in Hash.from_xml,
but for ARes it would make more sense for it to be true, and then if
“entity”.pluralize == parent_node_name (true in the above example),
then “pullup” the entity collection. Not sure if my point is getting
across here, so please ask me to elaborate if necessary.

Question: commit ticket 6291 as it stands for now since it fixes some
collection handling edge case bugs in ARes, refactor 6291, or push
6291’s idea in a more general way into ActiveSupport’s Hash.from_xml?


Bosko M. [email protected]

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