ActiveResource and query string parameters

I have an app that was built using the new RESTful methods and I’m
trying to access its resources from another app using ActiveResource.
(more about the app itself on my blog – Processing Greenbelt 2009 – James Stewart )

The app provides details of bus stops in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and
the index method for the stops resource allows users to specify a
point (using its longitude and latitude) and a distance, and find all
stops within that distance of the point. To do that, I use a query


That works fine through a browser, but when I try and replicate it
using ActiveResource it’s not clear how I’d make the request.

I have my ActiveResource Struct set up as ‘Stop’ and calling


works fine, requesting:


but when I try

Stop.find(:all, :longitude => x, :latitude => Y, :distance => Z)


Stop.find(:all, {:longitude => x, :latitude => Y, :distance => Z})

The http request is for:


I’ve spent some time with the ActiveResource code, and it looks like
it won’t support queries like this. Can anyone confirm?

thanks. James.

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