ActiveResource - 404 when resources use the :as parameter


I have another question about ActiveResource.

In a REST server I have resources defined with the :as parameter, like:

map.resources :alerts, :as => ‘alertas’

But when I try an ActiveResource client to access that, it tries to
access ‘/alerts.xml’, which returns a 404.

I tried defining the resource on the client too, but it seems it doesn’t
pick that up.

Another option would be to change the ActiveResource client name to
Alerta (instead of Alert), but that doesn’t seem like the right thing to

Yet another option would be to define two resources on the server, one
without the :as parameter…

Also, as far as I could tell, there is no parameter I can set on the
ActiveResource model aside from using :from on every call.

Is this a missing feature or am I approaching things incorrectly?

If it’s a missing feature, I’d be happy to try and create a patch, so
what would be the best approach for it? That the client has a parameter
that tells it which URL to use? That the server somehow communicates the
URL to the client?


  • Ivan V.