ActiveRecord / update_attributes


I’m having a problem getting update_attributes to work on my Document
model which has a HABTM relationship with my Category model. I have a
form that’s submitting parameters as follows:

Parameters: {“commit”=>“Submit changes”, “action”=>“update”,
“document”=>{“promote”=>“1”, “abstract”=>"", “title”=>“2005 Holidays
Schedule”, “type_id”=>“4”, “category_ids”=>[“12”, “26”],
“revision_interval”=>"", “active”=>“1”}, “id”=>“209”,
“controller”=>“admin/documents”, “attribute_change_to”=>“1”}

I’m using the @document.update_attributes command to update the
attributes, but it’s returning false. So I tried to update each of the
document attributes singularly through console using the command
@document.update_attribute and all of them worked fine. This problem
arose after my upgrade from 0.13.1 to 0.14.3.

I also have an Employees model using the exact same code for another
HABTM relationship and there I have no problem whatsoever with

Can someone please help? I’m going insane trying to figure this out.

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