ActiveRecord::Reflection active_record read-only method

I was horsing around with the reflect_on_assocation class method of
ActiveRecord Reflection, which returns an instance of
AssociationReflection. One of its methods is called active_record. I
run it in console:

=> Account(id: integer, name: string, created_at: datetime,
updated_at: datetime, ancestry: string, street_address: string, city:
string, postal_code: string, state: string, country: string,
street_address2: string, account_type_id: integer, client_logo:
string, subdomain: string, email: string, phone: string)

What it returns is not the Account object.

According to documentation, it “Returns the value of attribute

Well, that’s not too informative…

thanks for response

On Tuesday, July 31, 2012 2:09:41 AM UTC+1, John M. wrote:

What’s your question (and what the relationship with your subject line?) ?


I’m saying that active_record called on AssociationReflection seems to
just return the class object itself. For example:

Account.reflect_on_association(:users).active_record # => Account

What’s the point of that? Can’t you just do Account.class?

On Jul 31, 5:42am, Frederick C. [email protected]

I think, #reflect_on_association is a class method. So it tells you if
class has some association and the stuff related to that.

Account.reflect_on_association(:users) will give you some information
how the attribute :users is associated with the model Account. Probably,
has_many association, I guess.

Now, in most cases, it goes like this:

Account.reflect_on_association(:users).active_record => User

But in your case, the model Account seems to be associated with itself
through :users. It would be really helpful if you post your models here.

So, to answer your question: Can’t you just do Account.class?
Well, in this special case you could, but in most other cases, not.

Hope this helps.


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