ActiveRecord: Reading MySQL views

My production environment is actually Oracle, in which case if I say:

set_table_name “v_table”

It will treat it as a readonly table.

However, doing the same under MySQL throws an
ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid error, saying that the table db.view
doesn’t exist. Is there a way to get around this? I am using MySQL to
test some new code I am working on, and wouldn’t mind making the code
compatible across products.

Brian J.

Wow that’s embarrassing, seconds after posting this it boiled down to a
spelling mistake.

Everything works now. Sorry for the list spam.

Carry on.

Brian J.

In case you need it, I’ve implemented a plugin for Rails which
supports views in migrations and schema dumps. You can find out more

It currently supports MySQL and PostgreSQL in the latest release and
SQL Server in the trunk.


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