ActiveRecord query, dot notation for associations

Am I missing something in Active record, or is there a plug-in
available which easily allows to use the ‘dot-notation’ in deeply
linked (that is, more then one link away) associations. Suppose I want
to count the posts in a blog of a certain user, can I write something
like :condition = ?



I think that you might want to try this this. I don’t know if this will
work or not, but this is what I would experiment with:
In your post model define a new method called ‘comments_by_user’
class post < ActiveRecord::Base
has many :comments
belongs_to :user

def comments_by_user(user)
comments = Comment.find(:conditions => [“user_id = ? and post_id =


Invoke like this in your views:

<%= post.comments_by_user(user).count-%>

Lemme know if it works for you.


Hi Andreas, this helps!!!

I’m used to EJBQL and HQL wherel the dot-notation is common.


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