Activerecord problem with contrains,belongs_to and has_many keyword


I have two models:

AdvertisementImages (table: advertisement_images)
Advertisement (table: advertisements)

The table advertisement_images has a foreign key to advertisements
called advertisement_id. Both tables has one entry where the entry in
dvertisement_images belongs to advertisement.

The model code looks lik this so far:

class AdvertisementImages < ActiveRecord::Base
file_column :image
belongs_to :advertisement

class Advertisement < ActiveRecord::Base
has_many :advertisementimage
validates_presence_of :title, :body

Well… I want now have access to the advertisement images where ever
I display an advertisement.

for example:

I have a view where I can edit an advertisment. In this view I wanna
display the images as well… My problem is, that the advertisement
doesn’t fetch the images automatically.

When I dump the advertisement via <%= debug @advertisement %>, my
output is :

— &id001 !ruby/object:Advertisement
valid_to: “2007-10-06”
body: some text
title: Villa Katherina
id: “1”
valid_from: “2007-10-06”
active: “0”
errors: !ruby/object:ActiveRecord::Errors
base: *id001
errors: {}

I must have done a mistake somewhere in my declarations or so… does
anyone know what I’ve done wrong ??

Thanx in advance,

alex !


well I found my error.

I named the image model AdvertisementImages instead of

Changing the name solved my problem.

Thanx for the guy in the irc channel for helping me out !

Bye, Alex