ActiveRecord::Observer, update_all and has_many


I’m using an ActiveRecord::Observer to log users changing data in my
application. However, I’ve noted that adding an item to a has_many
relationship gets logged, but removing the item does not. That is:

@product.users << user

is logged, but:


is not.

I’ve dug into ActiveRecord and found that the underlying issue is that
the HasManyAssociation delete_records method uses update_all to update
the record. update_all bypasses the normal call backs and therefore also
bypasses the Observer.

Is there a way to get an Observer to observe update_all calls?

I’ve worked out a solution. It might not be the neatest, but it works
for me:

has_many has its own call backs. So I can trigger a logging activity
using the ‘after_remove’ call back like this:

has_many :users, :after_remove => :log_removal

I am then able to grab the Observe object using ObjectSpace:

def get_an_active_activity_logger
active_loggers =
ObjectSpace.each_object(ActivityLogger){|l| active_loggers << l}
@activity_logger = active_loggers.first

And call one of @activity_logger’s public methods to generate the log.

def log_removal(item)
“#{} #{} removed from association”

It means I have to update each of my has_many calls and make the
log_removal and get_an_active_activity_logger methods available to the
models where they are needed, but both of those are fairly trivial