Activerecord - mysql blobs

I’m struggling with activerecord and mysql blobs (uploading files)…

blobs over 400K-ish cause the below exception…

ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid in File#upload

Mysql::Error: Lost connection to MySQL server during query:

I’ve tried blob, mediumblob, and longblob…

I’m using windows xp for development - and have not installed the mysql

simlar google postings/solutions have not worked


Suggestion to use file_column… Sorry if you can’t do this… I’m pretty
sure any DB expert will say you storing blobs in database must suck.

I’m fighting the exact same issue right now myself - so very
interested in seeing if someone comes back with an answer for it.

I did find some old posts here in the mailing list that suggest that
error has to do with some buggy mysql bindings in windows and pointed
to this page

i installed the dll bu haven’t gotten it to work yet. Was also going
to try porting the code over to my linux webserver either tonight /
tommorow to see if the problem does go away once it’s off of XP.

Update - looks like I was able to solve my issue by merely increasing
the mysql max_allowed_packet parameter.

hopefully that’ll solve yours too


very cool - that worked…

  • Barinek

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