Activerecord: column named 'type' silently ignore (pgsql)


I’ve been scraching my head on that.

If a column is named ‘type’ then nothing appear in
this column in postgresql!

Just changing the name to ‘typ’ instead of ‘type’
fix the problem.

I’m using the latest: activerecord (1.13.2)

I think I’m at the rignt place to post this!
Sorry if I’m on the wrong list or if this is
a well known ‘feature’ :slight_smile:


‘type’ is the column name used in single table inheritance, so you
can’t use it as a basic column name. Tripped me up a bit the first
time around as well.



There is some predefined tables and classes used in
Ruby-Rails, I have once a table “search” and rails
have already defined that table. so it has never my
“table” which has been used. I think it may be the
same case…


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I had the same problem as you. I had to change my column to ‘category’
When you do .type you get the class type. So I guess that this
is why it doesn’t work. The name of your column is clashing with the
Object variable type.