Is anyone using ActiveMerchant currently?

I’ve seen it recommended on this list several times, but it seems kind
of buggy and incomplete and I’m having trouble getting it to work.

From the example at, I’ve tried:

gateway = ActiveMerchant::Base.gateway(:authorized_net)
response = gateway.capture(1000, creditcard)

…but it doesn’t work (uninitialized constant Base). I had to modify
the above to add the module name:

gateway = ActiveMerchant::Billing::Base.gateway(:bogus)
response = gateway.capture(1000, creditcard)

I’m currently getting an error like:

undefined method `authorize’ for

Though the method is implemented in both the bogus and base classes. I
have this installed as a plugin from svn for rails 1.1 under ruby
1.8.4. Just wonder if there’s a really obvious solution that I’m



I use Payment for Substruct. Works wonderfully for charges and voids.

On 5/30/06, subimage interactive [email protected] wrote:

I use Payment for Substruct. Works wonderfully for charges and voids.

I looked into Payment, but I needed the ability to authorize and then
capture at a later date and it didn’t seem like Payment implemented
that at first glance. Though now that you mentioned voids, I took a
second look at the source and noticed that there is indeed an
AUTH_ONLY transaction type in there. I’ll probably give it a second
look. Thanks!

In the mean time, I’ve found that initializing the billing class
directly seems to do the trick:

gateway =

Not sure what’s up with the example code though.