ActiveLdap 3.2.0


ActiveLdap 3.2.0 has been released!

gem install activeldap
Here is a document about Rails 3 with ActiveLdap:

ActiveLdap provides an object oriented interface to LDAP. It
maps LDAP entries to Ruby objects with LDAP attribute
accessors based on your LDAP server’s schema and each
object’s objectClasses.

This release supports Rails 3.2.8. If you want to use LDAP
in your Rails application, please try it.

Here are changes since 3.2.0:

h2(#3-2-0). 3.2.0: 2012-08-29

  • [GitHub:#39] Supported Rails 3.2.8. [Reported by Ben Langfeld]
  • [GitHub:#13] Don’t use deprecated Gem.available?. [Patch by sailesh]
  • [GitHub:#19] Supported new entry by @ha_many :[email protected] [Patch by Alex
  • Supported @:[email protected] option in XML output.
  • [GitHub:#14] Supported nil as single value. [Reported by n3llyb0y]
  • [GitHub:#20] Supported ActiveModel::MassAssignmentSecurity.
    [Reported by mihu]
  • [GitHub:#24] Supported Ruby 1.9 style Hash syntax in generator.
    [Patch by ursm]
  • [GitHub:#25][GitHub:#39] Supported ActiveModel::Dirty.
    [Patch by mihu][Reported by Ben Langfeld]
  • [GitHub:#26] Improved speed for dirty. [Patch by mihu]
  • [GitHub:#28] Improved speed for initialization. [Patch by mihu]
  • [GitHub:#29] Added .gemspec. [Suggested by mklappstuhl]
  • [GitHub:#34] Removed an unused method. [Patch by mihu]
  • [GitHub:#37] Improved will_paginate support. [Patch by Craig W.]
  • [GitHub:#40] Added missing test files to .gemspec. [Reported by Vt
  • [GitHub:#41] Improved speed for find. [Patch by unixmechanic]
  • Changed i18n backend to gettext from fast_gettext again.
  • [GitHub:#42] Fixed a bug that optional second is required for
    [Reported by masche842]

h3. Thanks

  • sailesh
  • Alex Tomlins
  • n3llyb0y
  • mihu
  • ursm
  • Ben Langfeld
  • mklappstuhl
  • Craig W.
  • Vt Ondruch
  • unixmechanic
  • masche842