Active Record


I am new to active record and still learning the ropes. Can you help
with the following please?

I have the following code:

class Row < ActiveRecord::Base

ActiveRecord::Schema.define do
create_table :Rows do |t|
t.column :Item_guid, :string
t.column :Tags, :string, :limit => 4000
t.column :Path, :string, :limit => 4000
t.column :Comment, :string, :limit => 4000
t.column :Item_Id, :string
t.column :Type, :string
t.column :Kind, :string
t.column :Name, :string

Row.create( :Item_guid => guid,
:Tags => tags,
:Path => pathname,
:Comment => comment,
:Item_Id => itemid,
:Type => type,
:Kind => kind,
:Name => name

I delete the table Rows and I change my schema to remove the column
“Name” and adjust my row.create statement accordingly by removing
“:Name => name”, Next time I run the code I get an error message
indicating there is an issue inputting the data into the “Name”
column. I am not sure why it still exists?

If I use a different class (e.g. entry) then the code will run fine.
It is like the old defination of Row still exists after I change it.

Any suggestions\help appreciated.


On Fri, Mar 4, 2011 at 5:28 AM, golcork [email protected] wrote:

If you are using ActiveRecord in Rails or outside in a stand alone app?
in Rails, which version of Rails are you using?


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