Active record associations

I have a table containing a person’s info:

first_name : string
last_name : string
height : int
weight : int
age : int

This person can belong to many leagues and 0 or 1 teams within that
league. I can create join tables and use the following associations:

League has_and_belongs_to_many people
Team has_and_belongs_to_many people
League has one team
Team belongs to league

This will let me query for a person through his league or through his
team, but I wouldn’t be able to do something like:

person = League.people.find(person_id)
team = <-- the team for that league (if any)

Is there a way that I could set things up so that if I query by league,
the person I get back only knows about the team it plays for in that
league opposed to all leagues?

Thank you for any help you can provide!

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