Active Merchant Example


I’ve searched the web and found some old examples of Active Merchant
but was wondering if anyone had, or could point me to, a definitive
guide showing a simple checkout where the logic is in the model rather
than including the process in the controller.

I’d like to keep everything separate and would just like a super
simple example.


You can look at this code

Thanks Freddy.

I found substruct to be the only example I could find but am having a
hard time pulling out the excess. I was wondering if there was
anything out there that was even more basic. No cart, just a simple
buy this and pay now example that is clean and model based.

For now, substruct is the closest and I’ll keep looking at it, but if
anyone knows of a better example please share. :slight_smile:

Not sure if this is what you are after:


Hi Rick - Thanks for the suggestion. I purchased the peepcode a few
months back and found it was lacking some information.

I guess I should rephrase the question by asking, do most of you
process the payment (checkout) as a controller action, or does the
actual processing piece take place in the model?

It seems like integration in the controller is very straight forward,
but I am not sure it is the best method for an application. Any

When I did this I used a checkout controller that uses an external
order helper module… The order helper does all the checking and
validation before my checkout controller does then if that
works I do @order.process which then does all the “payment” stuff in
the order model…

So the process class does the cc card and gateway setup then if that
works and is valid it charges the card…