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Hello all - I’ve been lurking around the forums for awhile now and just
wanted to say that everyone here does a great job of helping each other
out…I think it goes a long way in helping even more people adopt Ruby
(and Rails)

I just wanted to let everyone know that I’m working on an online booklet
(PDF only) for O’Reilly that covers “Web Services with Ruby on
Rails”…it basically walks you through building clients and servers
(REST, SOAP, and XML-RPC) for Rails applications with code
examples/details (the clients I did for it are Yahoo search [REST],
Google search [SOAP with and without WSDL], and Flickr [XML-RPC])…

Anyway, it’s just about finished and now we are looking for some tech.
reviewers for it (if you’re interested email me at [email protected] and
I’ll pass your info. on to my editor [who will pick the tech.

Also, I know a month or so back there was talk about ActionWebService
being un-bundled from Rails…obviously I hope this doesn’t happen…and
so if there’s anything I can do to pitch in to keep it as a main part,
I’m happy to help (I looked through the tickets I could find, but it
appeared as though most of the major ones were either already fixed or
were in the process of being dealt with by someone else)…anyway, I’ve
been digging into the depths of AWS for awhile now so I feel like I
could/should contribute wherever someone needs me.

Thanks and keep on “Railing” :smiley:

This is very nice. I’d definitely like to read this book.

As for decoupling AWS from Rails, I don’t know what is the status of
this decision right now, but AFAIK there are no open bug reports for
this Rails component right now. So I would be very glad if it never


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