ActionView table renderer

Hi all,

I’ve always been a big fan of writing clean (DRY) code and so I
figured that with ruby and rails I’m in the right place. Having some
fun with rails for a few months there’s one thing that starts to annoy
me. I write mostly data driven applications which consists for a large
part of forms and master/detail views. Although writing a form with a
few lines of code isn’t a problem using a form builder everyone seems
to make table views by writing the html code for each table over and
over again.

With the idea of a table renderer (like in myfaces trinidad of prado)
in the back of my head I went on searching for someone who’ve already
made such a thing but except for a few very basic projects I’ve found
non. So I’m thinking of writing something my own but I’m having a very
basic problem.

How to call the table render from the rhtml template using a nicely
looking construct? The basic model consists of:
-Table which has an array of objects to render and a few parameters
-Columns which have a method name to call on the row object,
parameters and an optional code block to render in the table cell.

Does anybody have an idea on how such a construct should look like or
know a plugin that’s ready to use?