ActionMailer with non-constant template


The situation is that opposed to the classic setting (i.e. having an
.rhtml file as the email template) the e-mail template I am using to
send e-mail should be editable - i.e. there is a first version of the
template (in the DB, or as an .rhtml_, it does not matter), which the
user can edit from the Rails app, then the edited version should be
saved and used to send the email.

While I don’t think so this problem was not solved before, I was unable
to find anything after heaps of googling - it seems everyone is just
using the standard, one-html-for-all method.

So what’s the Rails way to do this?



Hi Peter,
I would bet that this situation comes up a lot. The best way I’ve
to handle this is to have your template in the DB. You can use ERB to
process it like so:
email_body ="[{%", “<%”).gsub("%}]","
%>"), nil, “”).result(binding)
The gsubs are used because I recommend using the string [{% instead of
This allows you to use a WYSIWYG editor with minimum headache. Given
your making an interface for changing the email templates, one assumes,
WYSIWYG is on the agenda too.

You still end up with a .rhtml file, but all in contains is <%=

I’m sure others out there are doing something similar and would love to
what they do.

Good Luck,
Rob K.


I just finished putting up a blog post, my first, on how I did this.
Give it a read and let me know if it helped you at all.



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