ActionMailer view overwriting ActionController view?

Hi All,

Accidentally posted this in comp.lang.ruby, now trying again in
hopefully the right place:

I’m having a bizarre problem. I have a page that let’s you share a
link from the current page with other users. You can share with other
users of the site (by selecting them from your list of friends) or
arbitrary users by entering e-mail addresses. In both scenarios the
site sends e-mail to the users you chose to share with… for some
reason, when I send a set of e-mails to offsite users, the view of the
page gets corrupted and the next time I visit the page, the output of
the view associated with the share page ActionController is replaced
with the
previous output of the view associated with the ActionMailer.

I’ve tried adding a breakpoint and doing “render_to_string :template =>
‘foo’” (where foo is the view associated with the template) and sure
enough, it returns the (apparently) cached output from the last e-mail

Has anyone seen anything like this before, and/or does anyone have any
suggestions on where to look next?



Maybe if you could include a code snippet it would be helpful.