ActionMailer,Templates (erb) and aweson_mail without Rails

Hi Rubiceros,

I have built an mail delivery system using Action Mailer, it works
rails. I would like to use erb template with it but I’m having problem
defining view path for it. I got this:

*Unprocessed view path found: nil. Set your view paths with
#append_view_path, #prepend_view_path, or #view_paths=.


Also, I would like to add aweson_mail to it, but I didn’t get response
imedo devellopers about a version without rails.

So, I have two question:

  1. Does anyone know how define the view path in order to use erb
    without rails?
  2. Anyone know somebody from Imedo in order to get info. about


I found how to do that:

ActionMailer::Base.template_root= ‘templates_path’

It must exist a “mailer” folder in “templates” path.

Still having problem with aweson_mail…

2008/8/22 Pablo Q. [email protected]