ActionMailer Stripping/Corrupting Special Characters (String Encoding Problem?)

I’m hoping that I’m just missing something simple — but I’m banging
my head against a wall on this one…

I have a simple mailer model that sends a single-part, text/plain
message (generated using an ERB template). In that email I am trying
to include special characters (the copyright character © in this case
– but anything would make me happy right now).

But no matter how I insert the character into the document, the email
is delivered with this character missing or as an unknown character
(mail client shows a “?” or special “mystery character”).

I have confirmed that my email header is set to UTF-8 encoding.

So far I’ve tried:
<%= 169.chr %>
<%= “/xA9” %>

What gives?

BTW, I’m testing using rSpec and the create_my_mailer_method method
which uses TMail - and the specs pass just fine. It’s just actual
delivery that’s different here.


I have the same problem and reported it here:

On Jul 16, 11:23 am, Chris P.