ActionMailer Reply-To Header

I am trying to include the persons name as well as email in the reply-
to field of the email header. In the process, I’m seeing some weird

You can set the from address:
@from = "Persons Name "

But if you use the same convention for reply-to:
@headers[‘Reply-To’] = "Persons Name "

At some point the header gets parsed and the name is removed.

I’ve found that you can do :
@headers[‘Reply-To’] = "‘Persons Name’ "

But I’m not sure that the single quotes are up to standard in the
email header.

Thanks for the help!

"‘Persons Name’ " is valid. Was that not working for

I believe it will work, but it isn’t consistent. I was hoping someone
understood how ActionMailer is parsing those fields…

On Apr 8, 6:26 pm, “[email protected]” <ESPN3.DL-

Well, this has come back to bite me. Apparently, not all mail clients
work with that format.

I guess the bottom line is how do you set the reply-to address?

@headers[“Reply-To”] = "Persons Name "

Will work but it will remove the person’s name. Shouldn’t it get
parsed the same as:

@from = "Persons Name "


On Apr 8, 6:26 pm, “[email protected]” <ESPN3.DL-