ActionMailer issues

Hi all,

I’m having some issues with ActionMailer and I’m wondering if anyone
ever experienced the same issues? And of course, I hope that there are
solutions for my issues.
Currently, I experienced two:

  • ActionMailer seems to word wrap the subject. Because of this, longer
    subjects are rendered with tabs in Thunderbird (giving you subjects like
    “This is a subject”) and Outlook ignores the tab (giving you subjects
    like “This is asubject”).

  • This one I really can’t grasp. When creating mails with a mime-type
    multipart/alternative (exactly as stated in the tutorial), mails are
    sometimes rendered as a nice mail and sometimes with the raw body in
    mail clients. I’m experiencing this with Outlook and Hotmail (haven’t
    been able to test this in other clients). The occasion seems pretty
    random. Sometimes, the same mail is rendered good on one client, but bad
    on another and sometimes sending the same mail twice gives a good and a
    bad one on the same client. I’m not sure, but I guess it has something
    to do with the Content-Type header that ActionMailer creates. Some
    clients enclose the boundary attribute in quotes and some don’t wrap the

I really hope that someone can help!