ActionMailer into a Component


I’ve created a little component rsbt (for really Simple Bug Tracker) :

Inside this component i have my MVC :
bt_controller.rb , bug.rb (model) and the view (into a ‘bt’ subfolder)

Then, i wanted a notification, once a Ticket has been submitted .
So i’ve created a model notifier.rb (extending ActionMailer) and put
it at the root of my component.
Finally the associated template of my email , into ‘bt/notifier’

When testing : all is fine for the controller, retrieving the model
But then the template should be retrieved in app/views/rsbt/notifier

As a first workaround, i moved my notification outside the component
into the application.

My question : is there a workaround to force ActionMailer to retrieve
the Mail Template into the view folder of a component?