ActionMailer in an infinite loop? Looks like framework bug

I would rather post this on the dev list since it looks like only the
developers can explain why this is failing. However, I can’t find where
you subscribe to it! Any ideas?

Here is my problem. Whenever I try to send an email I get a
SystemStackError saying stack level too deep. Here is the exception

inherited_without_helper' D:/dev/ruby/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/actionmailer-1.2.5/lib/action_mailer/helpers.rb:96:ininherited’
#{RAILS_ROOT}/app/models/user.rb:52:in send_new_password' #{RAILS_ROOT}/app/controllers/user_controller.rb:42:inforgot_password’

My class is the Notifications.rb class you see in the stack at line one.
So this is happening when it tries to load the ruby file. So I opened
helpers.rb in ActionMailer and I found the following:

Line 95: helpers.rb: ActionMailer 1.2.5

def inherited_with_helper(child)
child.master_helper_module =
child.master_helper_module.send :include, master_helper_module
rescue MissingSourceFile => e
raise unless

The first line of this method is inherited_without_helper, but when I
searched for this method I found that it was an alias for the same
method. Here is where I found that problem:

Line 15: helpers.rb: ActionMailer 1.2.5

class << self
alias_method :inherited_without_helper, :inherited
alias_method :inherited, :inherited_with_helper

Notice it’s defining inherited_without_helper to be
inherited_with_helper so a call to inherited_without_helper is the same
as calling inherited_with_helper! Hence the infinite loop. So I
started to just define this method in my class since it looks like it
doesn’t do anything. Then I ran into another issue that looks like the
same problem.

Line 109: helpers.rb: ActionMailer 1.2.5

def initialize_template_class_with_helper(assigns)
returning(template =
initialize_template_class_without_helper(assigns)) do
template.extend self.class.master_helper_module

Line 22:

alias_method :initialize_template_class_without_helper,
alias_method :initialize_template_class,

This one however, I can’t find and I don’t know what it is supposed to
do. Clearly it does something since it returns a template and does
something with a block, but I can’t find it defined anywhere. Looking
at this code I’m not sure how this would ever work. I don’t know where
else to go. Please help I’m totally stuck, and I’ve already posted once
on this forum, tried the rails IRC channel, and I’ve continued to debug
this. I’m lost.