ActionMailer calling shared methods

I’m trying to use a shared method from an ActionMailer template. The
method was originally in ApplicationHelper, but I’ve also tried it in
the base controller (application.rb), with and without
helper_method. In all cases, I get an error

undefined method `wgg_replace_crlf’ for #ActionView::Base:0x324b230

Here is the relevant block of code from the email template

address =
if @order.address.is_foreign
” +
” +
(@order.address.address_2.blank? ? ‘’ : “#
”) +
“#{}, #{@order.address.state} #
{@order.address.zip_code}” +
(@order.address.plus_four.blank? ? ‘’ : “-#

I have also tried prefacing the method call with
ApplicationHelper::, but that didn’t work either. How does one use
shared methods in email templates?


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