ActionMailer bug?

Hi ,
I have actionamailer working properly with a template and a model for
creating the mail object etc. The whole thing works correctly if I use
Webrick.but when I use it on Apache,i get the error which says “template
missing”.rails is unable to find the template for the mailer
object.Hasanyone noticed this?
PS:I am still not using the 1.0 version

What OS are you running on? Could be a CaSe sensitivity issue that
has… But no I have not noticed this and have had actionmailer work
Light, Apache, and Webrick.

~ Ben

I am running this on Linux FC3. Whats the case sensitivity
issue?Anyway I
dont think that happens here because this is Linux.

I noticed in irb that the render_file in actionview::base doesnt get the
full path. In WEBrick it doesnt even seem to traverse that path.

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