ActionController::InvalidAuthenticityToken not thrown in Windows

Hi all,

I’m getting some weird behavior. I’m developing on two machines, one
with os x and the other with windows xp. I was testing one of my
registration forms and it worked fine when mongrel_rails was run on
the windows machine, but when mongrel was run on os x it kept throwing
“ActionController::InvalidAuthenticityToken”. I realized I had
forgotten the <%= token_tag %>, but it’s worrisome that when the
server was run on xp it took the form happily. What’s going on?


I’m using Ruby 1.8.6, Rails 2.0.2, and Mongrel 1.1.3

Mongrel 1.1.2 on windows

Not sure what issue you’re facing. I get the authenticity token
thrown when expected on my WinXP machines.

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